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I bought a Sauder tv stand from Mathis Brothers. My husband put it together correctly according to the instructions and used all hardware except the piece of cardboard in the back.

We needed the back to stay open for cords to the gaming systems. Well the tv stand was still very wobbly amd I highly doubt that flimsy piece of cardboard would have made it sturdy. I went to move it over and it collapsed.

Luckily my 5month old daughter wasn't close. I will NEVER buy Sauder furniture again.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Walstonburg, North Carolina, United States #1248475

The instruction booklet says not to use without the cardboard backing because the piece may collapse. You can't complain if you don't follow the instructions. I know it seems that it would not hold it all together but it gives that added support needed to stabilize the piece.


You are an ***. The backing is what keeps the whole unit stable, like most pieces of furniture like this ( though they can be designed to not require the backing but the key idea is designed without it).

You assembled it incorrectly and are now trying to blame the manufacturer. Too funny.

You could have cut holes for your cables but I am sure that was too much work for you, or beyond your ability to think ahead... The fact you are a parent is scary.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #993405

My husband built a night stand and the drawer is not sliding properly. It sticks closed and a struggle to open.

The worst thing is the smell. The process with resins and heat must produce the smell.

It gives me a headache. How do you get rid of the stink?


Yeah, sorry but it's pretty common sense that a "wobbly" thing 1. needs a stabilizing force / part / piece(s) & 2.

should never be loaded ~while wobbly, especially with heavy items.. it even says so quite clearly right in the instructions! Even more dangerous to try & move it while it is weighed down & unstable.. & over carpet to boot?

(additional friction & resistance if being pushed / dragged over a rough surface) That's just asking for trouble. But I do understand your doubts about the backing's importance based soley on its own seemingly flimsy appearance. Personally, I would have preferred another plank to match the rest of the unit & screw in the same way, etc etc (referring to multiple purchases here).. but I was ~amazed when I first saw the difference in adding said cardboard backing to one particular setup & the best part is how EASY it was..

plus, being as thin as it is, if you need to make space for wires etc you don't need to saw thru (like the thicker pieces) but can just use a utility knife instead. Also.. it's not just Sauder that uses stabilizing backings, but pretty much every single build-by-hand item these days, regardless of brand (trust me, I've done the research). Only way to avoid it is maybe try to find smth already put-together..

for that, if budget is a factor, there are lots of good options on CraigsList & local FB groups which focus on trading / selling/ giving away things.

Good luck! xD


"My husband put it together correctly according to the instructions and used all hardware except the piece of cardboard in the back."

No, he did not put it together correctly according to the instructions, and he clearly does not understand load-bearing dynamics or support system technology.

Port Washington, New York, United States #962387

the carboard was definitely needed and he needed to drill a hole for the wiring

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