I'm in the process of re-doing my master bathroom and needed a storage cabinet to replace shelves and medicine cabinet. I returned a cabinet that was very attractive that I purchased on-line because it was too small to serve my purpose.

After a few months of searching on-line I came across Sauder furniture which is usually in most businesses, so I thought that I knew the quality of the furniture I was purchasing. None of the parts were missing however one door was scratched upon initial inspection after unpacking.

Neither of the doors on the unit line up properly and the overall quality is simply CHEAP! I'm embarrassed to display this piece in my new bathroom essentially I'm out of close to $300!

Monetary Loss: $254.

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I guess people who buy this furniture and then *** about the quality haven't ever been into a real furniture store. This stuff is junk, cheap usable junk.

We are outfitting a home office and are going to use Sauder furniture. Cost is going to be around $2,400 to fill the study. If we bought the real furniture the cost would be closer to $12,000 to $18,000. Sauder furniture: particle board and paper finishes.

Real furniture: solid wood, quality laminates, and multistep urethane finishes. You are simply not going to spend $10,000 less and get the same quality.

We'll use it for a couple of years and then get the real stuff when we find exactly what we want or have something custom built. Manage your expectations people!


I own a sauder desk. Handles broke off.

Called company and they shipped me the parts... No charge first the parts or the shipping!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #682617

Before there are too many folks who take this review as gospel, let me wax on my most recent experience with Sauder:

I bought a desk for my grandmother (at Wal-Mart, I'm ashamed to say), and it was the perfect design. The pieces were in perfect condition, the instructions clear, and the hardware well-labeled. Of course, I MIS-READ the instructions, and used the wrong screws to attach to the bottom of the desktop. They were too long, because I didn't read the hardware correctly. So I punched TWELVE screws right through the top of the unit. Erg. Ruined.

I got on Sauder's web site for replacement parts, and chose the "Consumer Error or Damaged during Assembly" option. They emailed me back with "Sauder realizes that occasionally mistakes are made during the assembly process; therefore there will be no charge for replacement parts; we'll just ask you to pay for the shipping of the replacement."

Fantastic. Sauder has won a customer for life. Big companies would typically tell you to "sod off and pay 50% of the unit's cost to have us ship you ONE replacement part", and Sauder decided to throw that to the wind. They're real people, for whom I have great respect. Especially in this capitalistic "I'm entitled to get everything for free" society. But I digress.

Go to your manufacturer. Tell them what happened. If they're worth anything, they will understand your situation and put forth effort to assist you. And certainly don't blame them for defects which could easily (and almost 95% likely) have happened during shipment, warehousing, or display.

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